MantisX: Tactical, Tacti-Cool or Tacti-Fool

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After going to Shot Show this last January, I came back with a bunch of things to review. The first on this list is the MantisX training system from Mantis ( I’m a big proponent of using technology to help my students. I use a special camera to track what my students are doing on the range, I bury snap caps in their magazines, and I have a LaserShot simulator. Oh, and of course I have my trusty iPad. One day my brother and I (also a deep geek like me) started sketching out a device that would use accelerometers or gyros to...

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Laser Simulation: Tactical, Tacti-Cool or Tacti-Fool?

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Laser Training, Tactical, Tacti-Cool or Tacti-Fool? I have a lot of people ask me my opinion about all things shooting. What kind of gun should I get? Is this new light what I should have? “A friend of mine bought this really cool widget and was wondering if I should buy one?” Quite a few things come onto the market, create a marketing blip, and then fade away into history. How many of you have a drawer or a tote filled with things you thought would be cool but turned out to be, well, not so useful? It seems the latest craze is putting the...

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