We provide firearms training to beginners and experts.

Our next class is:

Basic Pistol at Black Dog Armory on November 21st, 10am to 5pm. Sign Up Here!

Call 408-313-6263 if you have any questions. Class sizes are limited!

Basic Pistol, $60 per Person
This is the first class that you should be taking if you've just bought a pistol or are thinking about buying a pistol. We cover the different types of pistols (semi-autos versus revolvers), the actions they employ, ammunition, how to safely hold and aim, and how to shoot. After we go through the presentation we move to the simulator to safely work on grip, aiming, and trigger press. When we're proficient with that, we move to our Airsoft kit which looks, sounds, and feels like a .22 caliber pistol. This is not a live-fire class. Students that wish to progress to live-fire can make arrangements with the MAT instructor. Discounts are available!

Protecting Your Family with a Gun
Black Dog Armory on
RESCHEDULED, 10am to 5pm

What you need to know in California if you have a for family and home protection. This class will go over what you need to know to be an effective and safe gun owner. We will cover how to safely store your firearm, effective retrieval and presentation, home protection ammunition, legal considerations, recent events and their legal outcomes, and finally, we will use our judgement training simulator to put you in the middle of burglaries, robberies, and home invasions. You will find yourself face-to-face with an attacker and what happens is up to you! Our training will prepare you for that day and you will be glad you were prepared!
Cost is $120 per Person. Discounts for couples available. Call 408-313-6263 for details.

Interested in private one-on-one lessons? Call 408-313-6263