Maverick Advanced Tactical a security training company.

We educate our clients in fundamental and comprehensive methods of protecting themselves with the latest methods and equipment available in
Firearms, protection & defense, and technology

Our clientele range from home family (Mothers, Fathers, Young Adults), to single adults, from a range of backgrounds in all shapes and sizes.
Our goal and intention is to provide the highest quality education and training for a safer and more secure society. We also specialize in helping people with physical limitations learn how to shoot, and shoot well.

We are a team comprised of highly skilled martial arts instructors, certified NRA instructors, engineers, and shooters.

With a combined experience that exceeds 100 years, our team has seen it all. We’ve trained countless individuals who have acquired a greater understanding and skill to be more aware and confident.

Please call us with any questions regarding the range of courses and programs we offer!
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