Purchasing a Firearm

If you are considering purchasing a firearm, we can help.
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Firearm Purchasing Considerations

California has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. The state requires completion of a Firearms Safety Course with a Firearms Safety Certificate in order to purchase a gun. The state also requires that you pass a written gun safety test prior to purchase. Our instructors are here to help you understand the process and learn the things you need to know to pass the required California FSC test.

Which gun should you get?
Handgun, rifle, revolver, shotgun, semi-automatic, bolt action, etc… To make an informed choice, we help you determine what your intent, parameters and objectives are. Although most guns are simple machines, each has features, benefits, advantages and disadvantages. You wouldn’t think of buying the same car for everybody, so it goes for guns. Not every gun works for every person and not everyone should have a gun. Firearm type (handgun, shotgun, rifle), size, caliber, recoil, cost, safety, and availability are all things that our instructors can help you with.

We can infom, educate and guide you in your process.
*We are NOT an FSC and DO NOT sell firearms.