Group Classes

Protecting Your Family with a Gun, $120, 6hr

This class is designed for those that are intent on owning a gun for the purpose of protecting their family in their home. We’ve all seen the recent news and many of us are concerned that the chaos and violence will spill over into our house. If you own a gun for the purpose of protecting your family, this class is a must. We will discuss safe storage methods, safe retrieval and presentation, appropriate ammunition, required equipment, legal considerations, and we will help you craft a plan to deal with that unfortunate day when find yourself having to protect yourself and family from a home invasion and robbery. Our Judgement Training Simulator will place you in the middle of burglaries and attackers intent on harming you and your loved ones. You will learn what to say, what to do, and how to do it. When you are done with this class you will have a much better idea of what you need to do to keep your loved ones safe!

Basic Pistol, $60, 6hr
This class is the first step in your path to becoming a safe and proficient firearms owner. Maverick instructors will take you through the basic safety rules that all firearms owners follow, how revolvers and semi-automatic pistols work, ammunition types and calibers, proper grip and stance, how to aim and finally, how to shoot a pistol. Using the Maverick Advanced shooting simulator, students will prepare for their live fire range time in a safe and secure environment. Each student will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the class. Live fire range time is not included but can be coordinated on a per student basis. 

Defensive Handgun Level 1, $199, 8hr
The Defensive Handgun Level 1 class is designed to expand your shooting skills beyond those that are available at the range. In this class we will start with basic safety, marksmanship, and failure drills and quickly move to shooting from the holster, shooting from various positions, shooting from barricades, and to shooting on the move. This is an 8 hour class. You will need your gun, a holster, a 2 magazine mag holster, at least 3 magazines, and at least 250 rounds. Also required are electronic headsets, eye protection, water, and lunch.

Refuse To Be A Victim, $99, 8hr
The Refuse To Be A Victim® program is not a firearms or self-defense class. It’s a seminar that will help you improve personal safety strategies and will provide you with valuable information that you can apply in every area of your life. Personal safety, home security, cyber security, and travel security are all covered in this 4 hour comprehensive class. RTBAV teaches people how to keep themselves, their family, and their homes safe. We teach people how to identify potential attackers, what can be used as a makeshift weapon when you've been attacked, and how to prevent attacks.

Mini-Classes (Individual and small groups)
Combat and Tactical Magazine Changes Mini Class, $99, 2h
Loading your semi-automatic is part of your life but knowing how to load it in a gunfight can save your life. Many people aren't aware of the right way to load their magazines into their gun. We show you how to do tactical and combat reloads as well as the basic magazine loads. Yes, there is a difference! You will need your gun, a holster, a 2 magazine mag holster, and at least 3 magazines. THIS IS NOT A LIVE FIRE CLASS. No ammo allowed.
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Malfunction Drills Mini Class, $99, 2h
Have you ever pressed your trigger and only gotten "CLICK" instead of a hearty BANG? What did you do? If you don't know how to deal with semi-auto failures like stovepipes or double feeds, this class is for you. We will take you through all three of the failures: misfires, stovepipes, and double feeds. You will need to bring your gun and a holster. THIS IS NOT A LIVE FIRE CLASS. No ammo allowed.
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Gun Cleaning Basics Mini Class, $99, 2hr
Gun Cleaning Basics will give you enough information to safely and reliably do a basic cleaning on your semi-automatic pistol or your revolver. We will show you how to disassemble your gun, clean the barrel, slide, cylinder, action, and show you how to reassemble it. This is a demonstration class but feel free to bring your gun and follow along! Our instructor will assist you.
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Holster Draw Mini Class, $99, 2h
This is a 2 hour, focused class that is part of our MiniClass Series. You will be coached on your holster and how to draw your firearm safely from it, and to put it away safely. This is not a live fire class so leave your ammunition at home. Bring your holster (you can bring 2), your gun, and a sturdy belt if it's a belt mounted holster. We can work with purses, shoulder holsters, and CCW holsters. If you'd like to become proficient in your holster, take this class!
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Home Security Mini Class, $99, 2h
Is there crime in your neighborhood? Of course there is! The news is filled with accounts of break-ins, home invasions, and burglaries. But you can prevent them. This class will help you understand what you can do to reduce the chance that your family will fall victim to crime in your home. We will teach you the basics of home security assessment. Window, door, yard, and auto security are all covered. Alarms, cameras, and which one is right for you are also covered. We also cover cyber security! Learn how to fortify your home and how to protect your family!
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Concealed Carry Classes
CCW Skill Builder, $199, 4hr
Using our Laser Shot Judgment Training Simulator, each student will be taken through numerous lifelike scenarios that will expose him or her to situations that will help them understand when and where to draw their weapon. Our scenario library includes situations that take place in the home, outside, in cars, at work, in restaurants, and in schools. The decision process includes both shoot and no shoot decisions. Adversaries include burglars, carjackers, muggers, terrorists, and domestic partners. Then, the student will be taken through holster draw drills from standing, sitting, and inside their vehicle. This is NOT A LIVE FIRE CLASS.